Logo-blackcat-35Castlemine Farm

Natural, No Preservatives & Sourced Locally

Award winning Castlemine Farm produces hand reared pasture fed dry aged beef, lamb & free range pork. Ethical Values lie at the heart of our principles and nature combines with nurture to produce happy animals, respectfully reared!  [more]


Logo-blackcat-35Ali’s Fishmarket

Any fresher and it would still be swimming…

Providing Galway with the freshest fish Ireland can offer along with an array of exotics sourced as far away as Greece and Sri Lanka.  [more]


Logo-blackcat-35Sheridans Cheesemonger

Providing us with a wide array of the most enticing farmhouse cheeses which are allowed to come up to room temperature (‘to chambre’) so they arrive on your plate with a fuller more aromatic flavour.  [more]


Logo-blackcat-35Steve Gould

Our amazing organic grower from Headford who grows the freshest salad leaves, greens and herbs packed to the brim with love and light plucked at dawn to preserve all the goodness of the morning dew!


Logo-blackcat-35Tassera Wines

We love wine, We love life

Tassera Wines offer a wide range of vino to suit different palates so we can help you choose an interesting blend that will rock your own particular boat. Could it be a dry Prosecco or a White with Red sensibilities (not for the faint hearted!) or would you rather a biodynamic Organic wonder, a classy Cava or a Spanish fruit and spice… the choice is yours.  [more]


Logo-blackcat-35Kinnegar Wines

Born accidentally in 1998 to recoup the cost of 33 cases of exceptional wines shipped from the vineyards of South Africa, Kinnegar Wines specialises in importing from highly rated Estates such as Thelama Mountain Vineyards, Warwick Estate & De Trafford Wines as well as other surprise discoveries – All waiting to be discovered by you! [more]


Logo-blackcat-35Colleran’s Butchers

Famed family butchers, long established in Galway city ~ we couldn’t trust another more!


Logo-blackcat-35The Friendly Farmer

Local Athenry Farmer [more]


Logo-blackcat-35J&C Kenny

Wine and Spirit Distribution Company located in Galway [more]